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  • Kirstie Myvett

I had a delightful time reading PRALINE LADY at the children’s museum today. My teen was the photographer, hubs videographer (see insta), mom guest services, and my daughter an invaluable assistant. Only person missing was my eldest.

Special thanks to my friends that showed up!!

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Louisiana’s Children’s Museum

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Supportive Friends

mi familia

Reserved parking space …until next time…

I ended with reading a brief section of the Author’s Note about the Black women that popularized pralines. An audience member asked what was cala? It was a fitting question which allowed me to honor Ms. Loretta Harrison of Loretta’s Authentic Pralines, one of the FEW that still made this old fashioned treat. This Praline Queen’s legacy of being the first Black woman to open a candy shop in the French Quarter will live on forevermore.


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