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  • Kirstie Myvett

When I was a little girl my Mom and Grandma went garage sale-ing all the time. They’d wake up early Saturday morning with their circled newspaper ads going from house to house in search of something special. I didn’t accompany them on many of these trips. Garage sales weren’t exactly my thing. But fast forward to adulthood and suddenly another type of garage sale – much fancier- has piqued my interest – Estate Sales – has become my thing.

Last week my daughter accompanied my Mom and me, and like me when I was her age, wasn’t too thrilled about going but found a cute sweater. Mostly, I’m on the hunt for vintage perfumes and books. I opened an Etsy store in December and those items are my biggest sellers. I’ve had lots of fun lately perusing through other people’s lives and getting a glimpse of how they lived. Estate sales have taught me that only we truly cherish our own things. As I glimpse laced doilies, thick tablecloths, dainty gloves from the 1950s and so on, it’s clear that our children will keep a few items and sell the rest – an important reminder to always value people over possessions. Meanwhile, I get to keep some of their “junk” that is certainly a “treasure” to me.

Vintage books

Vintage mini perfumes

postcards from 50s-60s

postcards from 50s-60s

50s beach scene

vintage furniture


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